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ABS - Brent Teaching School Alliance - NQT Appropriate Body Service, Induction and NQT Professional Development Programme

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The BTSA has a high level of expertise and a strong commitment to delivering quality training

Brent Teaching School Alliance (BTSA) NQT Appropriate Body Service using NQT Manager (https://btsa.nqtmanager.com)

The Brent Teaching School Alliance, under the lead school Byron Court Primary, is a NCTL approved Appropriate Body for NQT Induction. We offer this service to Primary and Secondary NQTs. The BTSA provide a professional service, which includes the following:

• Register and monitor the progress of NQTs via on-line database system “NQT Manager” and report to the
National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL)
• Make decisions on the outcomes of statutory induction for NQTs
• Give advice and guidance where NQTs are at risk of failure and provide support where necessary
• Provide advice and guidance on the Induction of NQTs for Headteachers / Principals, Governors, Induction Tutors
and NQTs
• A welcome to Brent and introduction to the Induction process for NQTs meeting - Autumn/ Spring/Summer
• Training for Induction Tutors (Statutory requirement) - Autumn/ Spring/Summer
• Effective Coaching and Mentoring training for Tutors and Mentors - Autumn/ Spring/Summer
• NQT Induction Information Pack and Handbook for NQTs, Induction Tutors, Headteachers and Governing Bodies
• Quality assurance of assessment forms, against the Teacher’s Standards
• Phone / email support for Headteachers /Principals and Induction Tutors
• Provide access to up-to-date guidance documents
• Provide a ‘named person’ to deal confidentially with any concerns NQTs may have about their induction.

In addition to the Appropriate Body Service the BTSA has put in place an extensive professional development programme for Primary NQTs. Building on outstanding practice across the teaching school alliance the BTSA supports every aspect of their professional development throughout the year. This programme is delivered by outstanding practitioners who are highly experienced in designing and delivering relevant, engaging and outstanding professional development. Each course provider has a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience, which they will share with NQTs to support them on their journey to become the next generation of outstanding teachers. All courses are ½ day and will run on Thursday afternoons.

Primary NQT Professional Development Programme

• Behaviour Management (Repeated termly)
• Effective Time Management
• Safeguarding and SEND Statutory Assessment
• SEND: Creating an Inclusive Environment
• Developing Growth Mindset
• Working Effectively with TAs
• Assessment for Learning
• Communication with Parents
• Meeting the needs of all children: Differentiation
• EYFS: Tracking Progress through effective journals
• Writing - Assessing Pupils Progress
• EYFS: Learning Environment
• Maths: Problem solving – Maths Mastery
• Maths: Using talk to clarify and refine understanding
• English: Reading
• Supporting Pupils with EAL
• Speaking and Listening to Enhance Writing
• English: writing
• Network Meeting
• Phonics: Letters and Sounds
• Science: Investigative Skills and Effective Science Teaching
• Making Use of the Outdoors to Support Learning Across the Curriculum
• Art: Drawing, Painting and Sculpting
• Art: D&T
• PE: Dance and Gymnastics
• PE: Games
• Computing
• Report Writing
• Introduction to Foreign Languages
• Celebration & Network Meeting

Purchasing Options

Option 1: Appropriate Body Service plus Primary NQT Professional Development Package £1000 per NQT

Option 2: Primary NQT Professional Development Programme – all courses included £750 per NQT

Option 3: Appropriate Body Service £300 per NQT

Pay as You Go option available for individual NQT Primary Professional Development courses - ½ day course £100 per NQT
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